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Rod Stretcher


The Fibrelight Rod Stretcher is a super-lightweight stretcher that can be swiftly set up at the scene of an emergency. The Rod stretcher is designed to be used with little or no training and can be carried between a four to six man team whilst offering rigid support for the casualty.

Key Features:

    • Lightweight
    • Rigid spinal support
    • Fully adjustable for height
    • Removable padded head and neck support
    • Capable of vertical rescue
    • Capable of water rescue
    • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Length – 1.65m
    • Weight – 6 kgs
    • Safe Working Load – 200 kgs



CQC Fibrelight

CQC is a world leading British based manufacturer of textile products with a long-standing history in design, development and production for the defence and maritime market.All Fibrelight maritime safety products are manufactured in the UK; they are constructed using carbon fibre (or occasionally fibreglass) rods enclosed in flanged tubular webbing which together create an incredibly strong structure. Fibrelight products are used globally by cruise lines, workboats, fishermen, navies, Special Forces, emergency services and the outdoor activity and rescue communities.