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Dear Valued Customers, Partners, and Industry Professionals,

I am delighted that you visit MariTeam’s homepage. MariTeam has been at the forefront of supplying life-saving appliances and technical equipment to the maritime industry for over seven decades. Since assuming the role in 2018, it has been my privilege to lead this esteemed company and work alongside our dedicated team.
At MariTeam, we understand the critical role we play in ensuring the safety and efficiency of international shipping. Our commitment to delivering competent, professional, and personal service is the cornerstone of our operations. We strive every day to exceed your expectations and provide you with the highest level of satisfaction.
With office south of Copenhagen and presence in Shanghai, we have strategically positioned ourselves to serve our customers worldwide. We take immense pride in our history, which dates back to 1952 when we were founded as Maritime Plastic Co. Ltd., specializing in ship equipment agencies. Over time, we evolved into MariTeam, our official legal name today.
Today our product range is extensive, covering everything from probiotic chemicals and firefighting equipment to safety gear, pilot ladders, and specialized equipment for various marine applications. Notably, we manufacture lifejackets under our well-known brands, MERMAN and MariSafe. We are proud to offer our signature product, the MERMAN 24 lifesaving appliance, manufactured in Europe and readily available from our warehouse.
At MariTeam, we are committed to delivering top-quality products and services to the shipping industry. As part of the Square1 Nordic group of companies, we have access to a strong network and resources that enable us to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions for a safer and more efficient supply chain.
I invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn to stay informed about our latest products and services. Join our community of satisfied customers who have made MariTeam their trusted partner for all their marine equipment and supply needs.
On behalf of the entire MariTeam team, I extend my gratitude for your continued trust and support. We look forward to serving you and contributing to your success in the maritime industry.
Mikkel Engsbro
CEO, MariTeam

Our legacy

A few glimpse from our history


MariTeam relocated in April 2019 to its new location in Køge, which is approximately 30 minutes from Copenhagen airport. The new location in Køge provided MariTeam with a strategic advantage due to its proximity to Copenhagen airport. This enabled the company to establish smoother logistics and enhance its accessibility for both domestic and international clients.

The company’s decision to move to this area showcased its commitment to growth and innovation. The modern facilities in Køge offered MariTeam a more spacious and efficient workspace. With state-of-the-art amenities and advanced technology, the new location fostered collaboration among team members and improved overall productivity.

Overall, the relocation to Køge marked an exciting chapter in MariTeam’s journey. By choosing a strategic location, the company set the stage for continued success and growth, while ensuring a seamless experience for its clients and employees alike.

Learn about Køge here


October 2018 MariTeam changed ownership, the former owner and CEO Per Michelsen handed over the company to Mikkel Engsbro.


Following the ownership transition in October 2018, MariTeam entered a new phase under the leadership of Mikkel Engsbro. With the transfer of ownership, Mikkel assumed the role of owner and CEO, taking charge of the company’s operations and strategic direction. Under his guidance, MariTeam embarked on a path of growth and innovation, leveraging Mikkel’s extensive experience and vision for the company’s future. The transition marked a significant milestone for MariTeam, signaling a promising chapter in its history.

Pictures from the archive

Back in the day, around 1967, MariTeam served as an agent for the Misubishi MU-2 Twin Turbo Utility Plane.

During that time, MariTeam had the privilege of being part of the Misubishi MU-2 Twin Turbo Utility Plane team.


The Misubishi MU-2 Twin Turbo Utility Plane was an exceptional aircraft known for its twin turbocharged engines, which provided it with impressive speed and performance. It was a versatile utility plane that could handle a wide range of missions, from transporting cargo to serving as an air ambulance or corporate aircraft.