Low Location Light Measurements

Welcome to MariTeam Low Location Light (LLL) Measurements! Is a service we offer together with our partner, who is a DNV Service Approved
According to IMO Resolution A. 752(18), chapter 9, LLL systems should be visually examined and checked once a week and a record kept. All missing damaged or inoperable LLL components should be replaced.
Still according to IMO Resolution A. 752(18), all LLL systems should have their luminans tested at least every 5 years. Readings should be taken on site and should the luminans level of a particular reading not meet the requirement of these guidelines, further readings should be taken in at least ten locations equally spaced apart within the given area. If more than 30% of the readings do not meet the guideline requirements, the entire LLL system should be replaced. If between 20% and 30% of the readings do not meet, the guideline requirements the LLL system should be checked again in 12 months or may be replaced.
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