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Welcome to mariTeam! We are a a leading provider of gas detection solutions. By choosing us, our clients can enjoy continuous cost savings and maintain regulatory compliance with ease
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Portable gas monitors for the marine industry. MED Latest edition certifiled.

We specialize in portable gas detection instruments, log keeping and storage systems. By using our Gas Detection Setup, all necessary service, calibration, and maintenance of the instruments can be performed onboard the vessels which reduces the costs associated with shore-based calibration or service. We equip the vessels with the needed and necessary equipment based on regulations, cargo, and experience. We also offer services where we keep track of all expiry dates and need for future replenishment or service, free of charge for the client. This ensures the amount of shipments are reduced, resulting in continuous cost savings and regulatory compliance for the client.

Our partner is one of the main suppliers of calibration gases to the marine market. We supply all mixtures of gases including SO2 gases for scrubber systems and any blends of calibration gases for fixed gas detection systems. Our prices are highly favorable. We keep gases stored in Rotterdam, Singapore, Houston, and the UK. We can deliver calibration gases on a short notice to all main ports world-wide. Send us your inquiry today!

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