MariTeam offers a range of services.

We offer a range of engaged strategic services and solutions. Our approach is customized to each specific service, our processes always take into account that individual vessels requires unique attention.


We have for many years delivered initial supplies for vessels built in Denmark. This service is extended to our office in Shanghai which has become an important segment for us in which we have gathered lots of experienced.

For each of our customers we offer to work out an individual tailored quotation – no two deliveries are identical, and we make it our case that every vessel is handled individually, which then can be brought to perfection in close cooperation with the customer.

Our scope of equipment consists of local and imported equipment, as needed to comply with Flag State, Class and Costumer requirement. Should there be specific brands or models, we will them include into the scope of delivery. Our team in will corporate with customers to source and import according to specific requirement.

By choosing the equipment from our local suppliers, a lot of costs and time can be saved compared to deliveries from Europe. However, by making it right the quality choice first time, saves a lot of time and money. Our customers are always 100% in control of the quality standards. We make sure that corners are never cut, satisfaction is our goal.


Is a service we offer togheter with our partner T-ISS, who is accredited by DNV.

As a vessel owner, you need to test all Low Location Light systems at least once every five years. T-ISS engineers will test the luminance of your LLL systems on-board with fully certified test equipment. The measurement process as well as equipment are all certified by DNV. We will report all readings including the required upgrades and/or modifications. We will do this upon completion of the measurement survey, and when all systems meet the legally required ratings.

Examples of our LLL measuring services:

  • Photo luminescent Low Location Light measurements and tests (DNVGL certified)
  • Electric Low Location Light measurements and tests (DNVGL certified)
  • Low Location Light refurbishment or replacement


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