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Storz coupling 2½” x nok 81 aluminum


Storz Couplings have an identical locking head with no separate male or female halves and are available with BSP male and female threads, or serrated hose tails for fitting into rubber hose. Blank caps are available for shutting off delivery when not in use. The maximum working pressure for this range of couplings is 16 Bar and they are stocked in aluminium alloy and brass with stainless steel units available upon request.

The Storz Coupling locking head possesses 2 lugs. Any combination of female, male, hose tail or blanking cap can be secured together with the same lug dimension (this is sometimes referred to as nok or claw distance and is expressed in millimetres). The common distances are 31mm, 66mm, 89mm & 133mm although numerous other sizes are offered.

We also offer Storz Reducers to convert from one nok or claw distance to another so any combination of sizes is possible making a quick & easy connection (eg 89mm X 66mm). Storz spanners are available which engage with the coupling housing to ensure a trouble free & leak proof seal is obtained. Storz fittings are suitable for water and a wide range of other fluids.


More Information

Designed to last in the tough marine environment.
BMC glass fiber polyester box, flame retardant.
Cabinet door can be opened both the right and left direction
Stainless steel lock and hinges.
Brass internal shore connection with 2″ thread
SafeSign sign with 5 year warrantee, even on outdoor use.