• Scupper plug 135 -1 60mm

Scupper plug 52 – 75mm


Stainless steel (SS304) scupper plug, with oil resistant expandable neoprene rubber
Used for sealing the scupper holes for spilled oil or polluted liquids.

  • Expanding sleeves are made out of NBR oil resistant rubber.
  • Castings are precision machined so as to form a leak proof seal when expanded against a pipe.
  • Size is in conformity with popular IMPA / ISSA standards.
  • Conform to IMPA 232482



The expandable Scupper plug 52 – 75mm  is used for sealing scupper holes in case of
spilled oil or polluted liquids.

The plugs are inserted into the drain holes and the handle is tightened until a slight resistant is felt.

The rubber parts are made of oil resistant rubber.

High quality stainless steel casting.

Expending sleeves are of NBR oil resistant rubber.

Sizes are of par with standard IMPA codes.

Other available dimensions :
IMPA 232481 Range: Scupper plug 45 – 65mm
IMPA 232482 Range: Scupper plug 52 – 75mm
IMPA 232483 Range: Scupper plug 65 – 90mm
IMPA 232484 Range: Scupper plug 85 – 110mm
IMPA 232485 Range: Scupper plug 90 – 115mm
IMPA 232486 Range: Scupper plug 110 – 135mm
IMPA 232487 Range: Scupper plug 135 – 160mm
IMPA 232488 Range: Scupper plug 160 – 200mm