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Rescue Master RB2 – RL4 – RL1



The well established RL/RB system continues to be available. It comprises of the RB2 battery pack, which is fitted to the RL1 internal light, or the RL4 external light (requires 2 x RB2 batteries). The battery is connected to the lead by a polarised sealed plug. This is fixed in placed by a screwed locking ring, which enables easy service and replacement.

Classified as Hazardous for Shipping Purposes – See PSDS

The external light is designed to produce a minimum of 4.3cd in all directions for 12 hours. The internal light is designed to produce a minimum of 0.5cd in all directions for 12 hours. The system has a maximum shelf life of five years from date of manufacture.

Major Benefits

  • Min. standard (internal light): 0.5cd output
  • Min. standard (external light): 4.3cd output
  • Min. standard: 12 hour duration





Daniamant designs and manufactures all of their products in line with the relevant worldwide approvals, technical specifications, current legislation and International directives. Daniamant is manufacturing in Denmark and the United Kingdom. The company is merger of several other companies who all relate to the marine Survivor Location Light business dating back to 1937. Daniamant hold all necessary approvals for the Company and products, including ISO 9001, MED, SOLAS, ATEX, IECEx and a number of International approvals.

Daniamant products cover 12 key areas: • Lifejacket Lights • Liferaft Lights • Lifebuoy Lights • Intrinsically Safe Lights • Special Lights • LED Flares • Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) • Salinometers • Oil Level Alarm • Electronic Inclinometer