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Young children are particularly vulnerable to hypothermia, and this vest’s insulating material in cap and jacket protects the head and body against hypothermia and any bumps in an emergency. The vest has good fit and gives the kids good support. Approved according to SOLAS regulations, MSC 200 (80), from July 2010. Lights are available.

Light is additional equipment.

Buoyancy: 54N
Size: Under 15 kg
Colour: Orange

Weight: 0,6 kg

Approval: Tested and approved according to Annex A.1, item No. A.1/1.4 and Annex B, Module B in the Directive. SOLAS 74 as amended, Reg. III/4, III/7, III/22, III/34 & X/3, LSA Code and 2000 HSC Code 8, IMO MSC/Circ.922 and IMO Res.MSC.200(80) & 207(81) + ISO 12402-4/ 100N

* Please contact us if certificate is requested


More Information

Following the tragic Estonia-accident in 1994, the Norwegian Maritime Directorate encouraged all producers to undertake research and develop a lifejacket with thermal properties. Regatta AS took the challenge, and could launch the world’s rst thermal lifejacket after two years of developing and testing: the Regatta Thermo Cruise. The lifejacket protects against drowning, initial cold-shock and prevents hypothermia, and protects vital organs and gives a feeling of safety



Regatta has been working with buoyancy products since 1950 and is one of the leading producers of lifejackets and buoyancy aids in Europe. The know-how has been strengthened continuously through new developments and inventions according to updated requirements.A working suit with built-in buoyancy - the "Combisuit" - was made by this company already in the mid 1970's. A buoyant sweater was developed and launched in 1991."Regatta Thermo Cruise", the first thermal lifejacket in the world, was approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate in 1996, and Thermo Cruise baby got its approval in 2002. Another innovation is the Kon-Tiki Mini, the smallest lifejacket in the world.Regatta has been in front of innovation also in the leisure market, with new colours, materials and designs. For the last 10 years Regatta also has produced flotation suits for children.The company is headquartered outside Aalesund, the Art Nouveau town by the sea and the capital of fisheries in Norway. Long traditions and working close to the sea have contributed to a high level of expertise in fisheries and shipping among many of the city`s businesses. Therefore, Regatta has had an excellent foundation for developing buoyancy products of high quality.Product development has been and will always be a continuous process with high priority. Safety, comfort and movement under all conditions is our measures of quality. The company has a close cooperation with test and approval organizations worldwide.In 2017 Regatta AS merged together with Aalesund Oljeklede AS, into Aalesund Protective Wear AS. Regatta is now one of four brands producing protective and safety clothing for both the professional and leisure market; Regatta - Norwegian Lifeguard, Aalesund Oljeklede Professional (rainwear), Strakofa Workwear, and Blaest Rainwear (leisure/fashion).