• Merman 20 Foam life jacket. SOLAS and wheelmark approved for use in both cargo and passenger ships. Available in 3 sizes.

MERMAN 20 Foam lifejacket


MERMAN 20 lifejacket SOLAS and wheelmark approved.

Foam lifejacket in continuation of a the long tradition of MERMAN lifejackets, the MERMAN 20 lifejacket approved to SOLAS and wheelmark requirements for use in both cargo and passenger ships.

The new IMO Resolution MSC 200 (80) with more strict requirements for IMO SOLAS lifejackets.

With a design brief that stipulated ease and intuitive donning, the MERMAN 20 uses a patented “Reverse Angle Head Support” to achieve the vital in-water performance that the regulations require.

The unique design of the neck opening allows for increased wearer comfort, while durability is assured by the use of tried and tested quality components.

Adult: +43 Kg and oversized up to 140 Kgs.
Child: 15-43 Kg
Baby: Up to 15 kg


MERMAN 20 gives a freeboard in the water of min. 145 mm.

MERMAN 20 has a patented design with a special neck closure, which can be adapted to persons between 43 and 140 kg.

MERMAN 20 life jackets is available in 3 sizes. MERMAN 20 is supplied with SOLAS approved light from Daniamant.

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