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Lifebelt with 1.5mtr line and hook


The CLIMAX 25-C/2 work positioning belt is specially designed and manufactured for use while working under conditions where there is some risk of falling from heights.
The belt allows the user to safely and securely anchor himself to the structure on which he is working to achieve full fall protection.

The restraining belt is designed to adapt to the unique body type and physical characteristics of each user and to allow full freedom of movement or position during normal work activities with total comfort.

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Description and Characteristics
The Climax 25-C/2 belt is manufactured using exceptionally strong materials capable of withstanding the harshest work conditions while continuing to provide full protection.
The restraining belt has the following components:

Padded sash
The padded sash is foam-filled to prevent user discomfort and designed for a snug fit at the lower back.
The padded sash is sewn to the waist belt.

Waist belt
The waist belt is made of highly resistant fluorescent green polyester strap with a width of 45 mm.
The waist belt contains the D-rings used to secure the user to the anchorage point.
A snug fit is obtained by adjusting the belt length with the buckles.

Anchorage rope
Anchorage is obtained by means of a three-strand polyamide rope with a diameter of 12 mm and length of 1,5m.
One end of the rope contains a polyamide thimble joined to one of the D-rings on the belt.
The other end is attached to the length adjuster (adjustment buckle).
The rope is joined to the other belt anchoring component by means of a karabiner to create a loop of adjustable length.

Individual bag with information leaflet
Case of 50 units.

CU.30/1 Lanyard
CLIMAX 30 Connector

CE certification
Standards: EN 358: 1992
Directive 89/686/CEE
Regulatory agency 0159
Certificate no. 31239700

The 25-C/2 restraining belt is an ideal, essential tool for preventing falls from heights while working.
The belt allows effective anchorage to posts, structures or any other kind of anchorage point in the area where the activity is being performed.

Technical characteristics
Width of waist belt 45 mm
Width of back support 140mm
Length of anchorage rope Adjustable (85 – 135 cm)

Distance between anchorage points and back support ends:
Left side 35 mm

Right side 45 mm

  • Static resistance (tension) > 15 kN
  • Tensile strength of rope 30 kN
  • Tensile strength of waist belt 26 kN