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Harness full body 2hip & 1front ring


The CLIMAX model 48-C fall arrest harness has been especially designed to work in situations that require prolonged suspension.
The lateral securing points and the chest securing point enable many possible securing combinations.
The harness has been completely reinforced and made with very tough straps, buckles and stitches so that in the case of a fall, the user’s body will be safely restrained.

The fall arrest harness is composed of the following elements:

Straps and loops
The straps are composed of a 47 mm wide polyester strap.
On the inner part, another strap of the same width forms loops around the thighs.
The straps cross over on the user’s back and chest, through a propylene buckle and a D-shaped metal buckle that is the attachment for the fall arrest device.

A very tough red polyester strap, 85 mm wide.
The waistband has some buckles that are used as anchoring elements.

Metal buckles
The securing elements are 8 mm diameter D-shaped steel buckles.
The double and single metal buckles are also made of steel 3 mm thick.
All the buckles are electrolytically zinc-plated.

– Fall arrest securing element
– Anchoring securing element
– Connectors
– Energy absorbers

EC Certification
– Standards: EN 361: 2002 and EN 358: 1999
– Regulatory agency No. 0159
– Certificate No. 3761

Technical data
– Width of main straps: 47 mm
– Resistance of the straps to breakage by traction 40 kN
– Static resistance of the harness, in compliance with EN 361:2002
– Upward traction >15 kN
– Downward traction >15 kN
– Dynamic behaviour of the harness, compliant with EN 361:2002
– Falling head first (Free fall height 4 m) COMPLIANT
– Falling feet first (Free fall height 4 m) COMPLIANT
– Static resistance of the harness, in compliance with EN 358:1999 > 15 kN
– Dynamic behaviour of the harness