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DESCALE-IT is a liquid acid used to remove scale and corrosion deposits from heat exchanges and piping systems. The use of DESCALE-IT eliminates costly downtime and expensive manual descaling. The inhibitor contained in DESCALE-IT prevents serious attack of the base metal after removal of heat exchanger deposits is complete. DESCALE-IT is recommended for descaling boilers, evaporators, condensers, heaters and coolers.

DESCALE-IT is suitable for use in cargo hold cleaning on dry bulk carriers for removal of certain residues, including cement.


  • Concentrated liquid acid
  • Contains an effective corrosion inhibitor
  • MARPOL Annex V Compliant


  • Highly effective in removing scale
  • Convenient to use
  • Soluble in water in all proportions
  • Minimizes attack of the base metal
  • Effective cargo hold cleaner


DESCALE-IT is available in 25-liter containers (PCN 9511404)


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