• MariTeam Solas Fireman's Outfit includes Fireman Suit with two-layer insulation barrier, Helmet, Hood, Gloves, Boots, LED light and more.



Complete Firefighter Kit

MariTeam SOLAS FIREMAN’S OUTFIT includes following items:

  • Mullion Fireman Suit with two-layer aramid thermal insulation barrier
  • Fireman Helmet with neck protector and replaceable visor
  • Fireman flame retardant anti-flash hood
  • Fireman Gloves (Size 9-11 available)
  • Fireman Rubber Boots (41-46 EU sizes available)
  • Fireman Safety Belt with 70 cm line and hook size 4
  • High powered LED/ ATEX rechargeable angle light
  • Fire Proof Lifeline 30 meters PVC coated steel wire with carabin hook
  • Fire Axe (32cm) with leather holster
  • Mullion Equipment Bag



Required according to SOLAS regulations Chapter II Regulation 17. “All ships shall carry at least two fireman’s outfits complying with the requirements.”

SOLAS – The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea – is an international maritime treaty which sets minimum safety standards in the construction, equipment and operation of merchant ships.

According to SOLAS requirements the minimum number of fireman’s outfit required on board are as follows:
1) For vessels between 500-2500 tons minimum two sets are required.
2) For vessels between 2500-4000 tons minimum three sets are required.
3) For vessels 4000 tons and above minimum four sets are required.

In addition, two fireman’s outfits shall be provided for tankers.

For each breathing apparatus a fireproof lifeline of sufficient length and strength shall be provided capable of being attached by means of a snaphook to the harness of the apparatus or to a separate belt in order to prevent the breathing apparatus becoming detached when the lifeline is operated.




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