With great pleasure we share the news that MariTeam have received the Gazelle Award again this year! This recognition is a result of our persistent efforts and dedication. We would like to say a big thank you to our skilled team and loyal customers who have helped make MariTeam a Gazelle company for the second year in a row. Without your support and cooperation, this would not have been possible. This achievement inspires us to continue our commitment to providing the best quality products and services. MariTeam looks forward to continuing our growth journey with innovation and dedication. Thank you for the trust you have shown us by choosing MariTeam as your partner. Together we look forward to even more success and positive results in the future. Once again, heartfelt congratulations to all of us in MariTeam!
As we step into the bracing winds of November, it's our pleasure to introduce you to the highlights of this month, with a special focus on our esteemed partner, Regatta - Norwegian Lifeguard. November brings with it a renewed focus on maritime safety, and we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Regatta, our trusted partner hailing from Ålesund, Norway. With over 60 years of experience, Regatta has been a key player in the development of high-quality life-saving equipment that is crucial for professionals at sea. Stay tuned for more exciting Regatta updates this month, and thank you for being part of our maritime community! Read the newsletter here and signup
Teknisk Sælger med partner potentiale til spændende rolle i MariTeam Læs hele opslaget her Rekrutteringsprocessen varetages af MARPRO. Tøv ikke med at kontakte MARPRO på +45 5370 0995, hvis du har spørgsmål til stillingen eller rekrutteringsprocessen.
ERMA FIRST, the leading sustainable maritime solutions provider, has received official recognition from DNV for its innovative energy-saving device, BLUE CONNECT Read the news article here Link to product
Join Us at DanFish International 2023: Your Gateway to the World of Fisheries Equipment and Services We are thrilled to announce our participation in DanFish International 2023, one of the world's most significant trade fairs for fisheries equipment and services. This international event serves as a hub for industry professionals, offering a unique forum for networking and collaboration with attendees and exhibitors from across the globe. We invite you to visit our booth at Stand H928, where you can learn more about our products, services, and how we contribute to the fisheries industry's growth and sustainability. Our team will be on hand to answer your questions, discuss potential partnerships, and showcase our latest offerings. Event Details:Date: October 10-12, 2023Location: Stand H928, Aalborg Congress & Culture Center, Aalborg, Denmark About DanFish International:DanFish International is renowned for its role in bringing together key players from the fisheries industry, providing a platform for the latest innovations, products, and services. This event offers a prime opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology, discover new trends, and engage with industry experts. Why Attend DanFish International 2023? Global Networking: Connect with professionals, suppliers, and experts from all corners of the world, fostering international collaborations and partnerships.Innovative Exhibits: Explore a diverse range of fisheries equipment, services, and solutions showcased by leading companies.Knowledge Exchange: Attend seminars and conferences to gain insights into the latest industry developments and best practices.Business Opportunities: Discover new business opportunities and potential clients within the fisheries sector. Visit Stand H928:Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of DanFish International 2023 and immerse yourself in the world of fisheries. We look forward to meeting you in Aalborg, Denmark, from October 10 to 12, 2023. Ask us for your free ticket. For more information about the event and to register, please visit the official DanFish International 2023 website. Stay tuned for updates and exciting announcements as we prepare for this prestigious event. See you there!
As October unfolds, we are excited to introduce a special focus in our upcoming newsletter—Fibrelight in the world of maritime safety. This month, we shine a spotlight on their innovations that are making waves in ensuring safety at sea. Stay with us as we delve into these remarkable innovations throughout the month. Our October newsletter promises to be an enlightening journey into maritime safety Read the full newsletter here and sign up to receive your monthly subscription
This September, we're thrilled to showcase Daniamant, a true pioneer in maritime safety and innovation. From their groundbreaking Lifejacket Light in 1985 to recent strategic mergers, Daniamant's legacy shines as a beacon of excellence. 🛳️ Quality and trust are their compass, ensuring seafarers' safety with topnotch equipment. 🏔️ Discover the new Dan W3 POLAR lifejacket light, setting a SOLAS standard for Arctic expeditions, and the versatile DAN W4 Life Jacket Light, combining innovation with choice. ⚓Join us in celebrating Daniamant's remarkable journey and their commitment to a safer maritime future. #mariteam#MaritimeSafety#Innovation#Daniamant#SafetyAtSea#MariTeamNewsletter Read the full newsletter here
🌊 Introducing Fomtec Enviro USP - a Revolutionary Environmentally Friendly Firefighting Foam for the Maritime Industry 🚢🔥 Join us in embracing a greener future for fire safety at sea! 🌊🔥🌍 We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Dafo Fomtec AB Enviro USP, a fluorine-free firefighting foam that is specially designed for maritime applications. This cutting-edge foam is completely free from fluorinated surfactants and polymers (PFAS), making it an environmentally responsible choice for fire suppression. Key Features of Fomtec Enviro USP: 🌱 Fluorine-Free: Say goodbye to harmful PFAS chemicals! Fomtec Enviro USP offers a new generation of firefighting foam that is completely fluorine-free. 🔥 Superior Fire Performance: With an impressive fire performance rating of 1A according to EN 1568 Part 3-4, ICAO Level B Approved, and MED approved for marine use, Fomtec Enviro USP delivers exceptional firefighting capabilities. 🌍 Environmentally Conscious: We understand the importance of protecting our planet. That's why Fomtec Enviro USP is 100% biodegradable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. 🚢 Designed for the Maritime Industry: Enviro USP is the perfect solution for sprinkler systems, type II and III discharge devices commonly used in the maritime sector. It has been extensively tested and approved for marine applications. 🔬 Technical Excellence: Fomtec Enviro USP offers low, medium, and high expansion options, providing versatility for different fire scenarios. Its clear yellowish liquid appearance, along with a pH range of 6.5 to 8.5, ensures reliable performance. Applications and Compatibility: 🔥 Class A & B Fires: Fomtec Enviro USP is highly effective in combating class A fires, such as wood, paper, and textiles, as well as class B hydrocarbon fuel fires, including oil, diesel, and aviation fuels. 🌊 Marine Use: Approved for use in sprinkler systems as per UL listing, Fomtec Enviro USP is an ideal choice for marine firefighting applications. Its compatibility with sea water allows for a 6% mixture, offering enhanced versatility. 💼 Sprinkler Systems: Fomtec Enviro USP meets the demanding requirements of sprinkler applications, delivering exceptional fire suppression and burnback resistance. It can handle direct application and partial submersion without compromising performance. 💧 Easy Proportioning: Fomtec Enviro USP can be easily proportioned using conventional equipment, ensuring accurate dilution and optimal performance. At MariTeam, we are proud to partner with Fomtec and bring this game-changing foam to the maritime industry. Together, we can protect lives, vessels, and the environment with an innovative, sustainable solution.
Dear valued reader, Welcome to the August edition of MariTeam's newsletter! We are excited to share with you the latest updates and developments in the maritime industry. This month, we are particularly proud to highlight our partnership with a company that shares our commitment to improving the environment. One aspect that sets Fomtec apart is their unwavering dedication to sustainability. They firmly believe in the importance of tested and approved components within a harmonious foam system, particularly for fluorine-free foams. These foams play a crucial role in firefighting, and Fomtec understands that their quality directly impacts their effectiveness. Fomtec's dedication to developing PFAS-free foams has been instrumental in driving this transition. By investing in research and development, Fomtec has contributed to a safer and more sustainable future. Through their efforts, we can collectively ensure the well-being of both humans and ecosystems. We encourage you to explore Fomtec's products and expertise, as they continue to lead the way in sustainable fire protection solutions. Together with Fomtec, MariTeam is committed to making a positive impact on the maritime industry while safeguarding our environment. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news and insights with you in the coming months. Sincerely, Mikkel Engsbro CEO, MariTeam Read the full newsletter here