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MariTeam a/s was founded in 1952 with agencies for ships equipment and production of MERMAN Lifejackets.

As from 1964 we also produced lifeboats and in general we have been supplying our ships equipment to Danish and International costumers through more than 60 years.

The latest developments are the new stocks for our standard products in Rotterdam and Singapore with quick delivery and less transportation costs directly to ships/agents.

MariTeam a/s has Cooperation Partners in Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, Holland, USA supplying and servicing various kinds of ships equipment.


At Sea…

MariTeam a/s is a supplier to Danish and international shipping companies and shipyards of saving appliances and other equipment for the maritime industry.

We deliver our standard products from our stocks in Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Singapore.

MariTeam a/s supply Lifeboats, MOB-boats, FRB-boats, Davits, Cranes, Lifting Hooks from HATECKE GmbH – Liferafts from RFD Ltd. etc. + spareparts and service arrangements.


On Land…

HEWI Bathroom accessories and care products for hospitals, elderly homes etc. GEESA Bathroom equipment for hotels, ships etc. C/S UK Acrovyn wallprotection, Pedisystem entrance mats etc. BERGO Flooring systems for in- and outdoor use.


Copenhagen – Rotterdam – Singapore

MariTeam a/s is where our costumers want us to be and we therefore have established our own stocks in ROTTERDAM and SINGAPORE. As from 1.9.2013 we now stock our standard range of Lifesaving Appliances, Pilot ladders, Alu-ladders, Gangways, Transfer Baskets etc. – so we can guarantee a fast and cheap delivery of our products from ROTTERDAM and SINGAPORE – with gateways to the world.


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