• Mobiak Trolley Fire Extinguisher Foam

Trolley Fire Extinguisher Foam 135Lt


Trolley Fire Extinguisher, 135Lt, with 5m Discharge Hose
The external cartridge contains Nitrogen (N2) as propellant gas

Capacity: 135Lt
Extinguishing Agent: 132,5L water + 2,7L KB301/14
Operating Temperature: +5~+60 °C
Max Allowable Pressure: 20 bar
Test Pressure: 30 bar
Volume of Equipment: 147 lt
Cylinder Height: 1295±4 mm
Cylinder Diameter: 407±1 mm
Cylinder Neck Thread: M74x2
Cylinder Material: HP295
Valve Material: CuZn40Pb2
Safety Valve: 22-27 bar
Approx. Dimensions: 1700×600 mm
Paint Finish: RAL 3000
Label: English + Greek

Approvals: CE, MED, EN3 and more

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The Trolley Fire Extinguisher 135Lt Foam offers a hassle-free solution for fire protection in industrial and maritime settings. With its 135-liter capacity, it can effectively tackle even large fires, giving you peace of mind and protecting your equipment, employees, and facilities.

This extinguisher features a sturdy trolley design that allows for easy movement, even in tight spaces. Its bright red color and clear labeling make it highly visible, allowing you to quickly locate it in an emergency. The discharge valve and hose are dependable and efficient, delivering the foam solution promptly to extinguish fires.

Maintenance of the Trolley Fire Extinguisher 135Lt Foam is effortless, with a clear pressure gauge that indicates when it’s time to refill or service the extinguisher. It also meets international safety standards, ensuring its reliability as a fire protection solution.

With this fire extinguisher, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are fully protected. It meets international safety standards, giving you confidence in its performance during an emergency.

Protect your facility with the Trolley Fire Extinguisher 135Lt Foam. Its large capacity, mobility, and ease of maintenance make it an excellent choice for industrial and maritime settings. Don’t wait for a fire to start – invest in this comprehensive fire protection solution today.



MOBIAK SA founded in 1977 and is the largest company in Greece and one of the fastest growing companies in the Balkans, Europe and the Middle East in the field of the Firefighting Equipment industry.For more than 40 years, MOBIAK's activities have focused on developing 3 key areas: a) Gases b) Firefighting Equipment and c) Medical Equipment – Home CareMore specifically, the areas in which MOBIAK operates are the following:
  • MOBIAK Gas: Production and Bottling of Medical – Industrial Gases such as Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, Corgon, IG 541, IG 55, Pneumatic Air, Banarg etc.
  • MOBIAK Firefighting equipment: Assembly & Trading Fire extinguishers, Design , Assembly Bottling, Trading & Installation of Fire Suppression Systems, Trade all firefighting equipment, and Fire Extinguishing test & control.
  • MOBIAK Care: Import and Trade Medical Equipment and Home Care Products, Medical Equipment Repair and Laboratory Facilities for Sleep
As far as the firefighting department is concerned, MOBIAK has implemented a large investment program of 5,500,000€ at its headquarters in Chania-Crete, which was completed in 2006 and included installation of complete robotic assembly line for fire extinguishers and the construction of a new 2500m2 building for new offices and warehouse expansion for raw materials and ready to use products (800m2).The capability of the new fire extinguisher production line exceeds 200 units/hour. The highsensitivity helium sensor detects a possible leakage of propellant gas for each produced or re-tested fire extinguisher. MOBIAK now trades and produces over 1,000 different products.In addition, the company is certified by the Hellenic Register of Shipping, RINA, Bureau Veritas, ABS and the Russian Shipbuilding Company for the inspection of firefighting equipment, respirators and safety systems on ships. With the above certificates, MOBIAK has developed cooperation with shipping companies for the annual inspection of their fleets.