Trifu Surface 600ml




TriFu is a company dedicated to providing sustainable, green cleaning solutions. They firmly believe that environmentally friendly cleaning products are essential for promoting sustainable, eco-conscious cleaning practices. TriFu's primary objective is to create a positive impact on the work environment, workplace productivity, and overall well-being at home. They achieve this by offering a range of environmentally responsible cleaning agents and sustainable products for maintenance and cleansing. The company recognizes the harmful effects of chemicals on humans, animals, and the environment. Unfortunately, these toxins have become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, with traditional cleaning products being a major contributor. Many of these products are filled with harmful chemicals that can cause allergies and have a detrimental impact on the surrounding nature. TriFu understands that there are common misconceptions regarding the effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning products compared to their traditional, chemical-based counterparts. These misconceptions often overlook the side effects of using harmful chemicals and solely focus on cleaning performance. TriFu's environmentally friendly and sustainable products are developed based on microbiology, ensuring they are not harmful to the environment or humans. In fact, these products are equally, if not more effective than traditional chemical-based cleaners. Thanks to advancements in microbiology research and the development of new technologies, TriFu is able to produce cleaning products that rely on microbiology without compromising on cleaning power. TriFu offers a wide range of gentle, eco-friendly products for everyday household cleaning, as well as sustainable industrial cleaning agents. By incorporating these environmentally friendly products into daily routines, together, we can reduce the negative effects of harmful chemicals. Join TriFu in their mission to create a cleaner, greener future for all. TriFu is part of the Square1 Nordic Group.