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Steel Fittings


In our program, we have various kinds of fittings. Welding fittings in steel or stainless steel. Compression fittings in steel, stainless steel or brass.

If you are looking for a size that’s not in our program?  Please ask us

Steel Welding Elbow DIN 45º/90º1/2″ trough 12″
Steel Welding Elbow ASTM 45º/90º LR1/2″ trough 10″ Sch40/80
Steel Welding Elbow ASTM 90º SR1/2″ trough 10″ Sch40/80
T-piece ASTM1/2″ trough 10″ Sch40/80
T-Piece DIN1/2″ trough 10″
Concentric Reducer ASTM1/2″ trough 16″ Sch40/80
Concentric Reducer DIN1/2″ trough 16″
High Pressure fittings 300#Lbs NPT1/2″ trough 3″
Steel Hydraulic Fittings6mm trough 40mm
Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings6mm trough 25mm
Brass compression fitting6mm trough 30mm