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Steel Bars


Bars can be supplied in custom-made lengths, Are you looking for round square or hexagon? It can also be bent and must be preserved.

Are you looking for special alloys? Please ask us

Steel Round Bar Hot rolled6mm trough 100mm
Steel round bar Cold finished6mm trough 100mm
Stainless steel Round Bar 304L/316L6mm trough 100mm
Brass Round Bar6mm trough 100mm
Bronze Round Bar10mm trough 100mm
Copper Round Bar10mm trough 50mm
Aluminium Round Bar10mm trough 100mm
Steel Square Bar Hot Rolled10mm trough 50mm
Steel Square Bar Cold Finished10mm trough 50mm
Steel Hexagon Cold Finished10mm trough 56mm
Stainless Steel Hexagon 304L10mm trough 46mm
Brass Hexagon10mm trough 46mm