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Scramble Net


Scramble nets or Rescue Nets are mainly used to embark or disembark form vessels.  Care must be made in choosing a rescue net as location on the vessel is important.  Often larger vessels will consider more than one strategically placed on either side of the vessels amidship.

Scramble net none spreaders 2×15

Scramble net 2,40×12

Other sizes availeble on request.



PTR Holland

PTR Holland ® Group has more than 30 years experience in the production of MED approved Pilot – Embarkation (rope) ladders for the marine and off-shore industry. Furthermore, according to IMPA or ISSA PTR currently stock more than 12.000 different products.

Since 1967 PTR has been committed for the safety of Life and property at Sea & have been serving Marine, offshore & Oil & Gas industry worldwide ever since. PTR acknowledge that their clients as integral part of the company & consider their needs as their prime focus. PTR believes everything is possible thru dedication & hard work. At PTR they don’t simply just sell but assist their clients to buy the right product.