Remote controlled pumps or emergency switches (E.F.P.) sign – S 14 72


Ertecna Lda., the manufacturer of Everlux Maritime brand products, was established in October 1989 with a primary focus on studying, researching, and developing photoluminescent technologies in Portugal. The company aimed to apply these advancements to the production of safety products, particularly photoluminescent safety signaling.

Recognized as a leading player in the fire safety market, Everlux prides itself on delivering top-quality products and providing robust commercial and technical support. Their comprehensive offerings include training programs and software solutions tailored to installers, architects, designers, and all those involved in construction projects.

The latest catalogue features a captivating and modernized graphical image, seamlessly blending classic elements from previous editions with innovative design. The result is a visually appealing publication that maintains its comprehensive technical and legislative content, solidifying its status as a trusted and indispensable resource for ship chandlers, ship suppliers, marine outfitters, marine life-safety and fire safety service companies, shipyards, shipbuilders, ship-managers, and shipowners.

In response to the evolving needs of the industry, Everlux Maritime has expanded its range of safety signs to include the latest updates according to the IMPA Marine Stores Guidebook and the ISSA catalogue. Among the exciting additions are new sign families such as the Damage Control Plan signs, as well as an expanded collection of Excellence by Everlux Signs catering specifically to Superyachts. Moreover, the catalogue introduces a highly anticipated product category, the Everlux Retro-reflective Type II SOLAS Tapes, fulfilling a long-standing demand from customers.

But that's not all. Everlux Maritime's commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics and product innovation. The catalogue's structure has been meticulously aligned with the guidelines outlined in IMO Resolution A.1116(30), enabling users to easily identify and select the required signs while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations, including the implementation of new fire safety signage onboard. This user-friendly approach streamlines the process of navigating safety requirements, providing peace of mind to maritime professionals.

Furthermore, Everlux Maritime takes pride in introducing a new photoluminescent product with enhanced luminance properties. This innovative addition sets a new benchmark for quality in the market, underscoring the company's unwavering dedication to contributing to the Safety of Life at Sea. By continuously pushing the boundaries of photoluminescent technology, Everlux Maritime strives to create safer environments for maritime operations worldwide.