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Protection Faceshield


The Climax 436-I face shield has been designed to provide effective protection against the risk of impact by high-speed and high-energy particles and is capable of resisting the impact of projectiles with a speed up to 190m/s, such us, small flying debris such as wood, metal and plastic chips, pieces of twigs and branches from gardening machinery, etc.

Due to the special design of the face shield, any limitation on the angle of side vision is minimised and the shield can be worn by virtually any user.
The optical class also allows extended use without discomfort for the wearer.

The visor is manufactured of 1.5 mm thick clear polycarbonate (without filtering action). Its measures are 320 x 290 mm, with the width tapering at the bottom of thevisor. Four holes at the top are used to house the screws which attach the visor to the browguard. The visor provides the highest level of mechanical resistance, and it pass the High speed and high energy impacts test (impact of a 6 mm diameter and 0.86 g steel ball with projected at 190 m/s).

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