Mobile Water Monitor


Type: MWM 2/S

Standard:MSC.365.(93) as amended, MSC.1/ Circ1472.

Application:The ships constructed on or after 1 January 2016 designed to carry five or more tiers of containers on or above the weather deck shall carry mobile water monitors as follows:
1. ships with breadth less than 30 m: at least two mobile water monitors; or
2. ships with breadth of 30 m or more: at least four mobile water monitors
Structure and Material

Monitor body – 316 Stainless Steel
Monitor head – copper alloy

Performance Parameters
Spray medium Sea water / fresh water
Flow >1000L/min
Jetting range >40m
Rated working pressure 0,4MPa
Rotation range Horizontal 270°/vertical: 0~ +90°
Control mode Manuel Operation
Jetting type Jet/Spray
Specification of inlet DN50
Painting color RED (RAL3000)
Weight 22KG