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All Daniamant Lifebuoy lights are designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 2cd output specification and 2 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations.

The L162 is also designed to meet the additional requirements of the USCG and the specified 15 hour duration. For more detailed product information please select the product brochure detailing all lifebuoy models from the download option.

Major Benefits

  • SOLAS/MED/USCG approved
  • 5 year life
  • No maintenance or replacement batteries are required
  • Compact size, easy fitting
  • Exempt from Class 9 transport requirements



More Information

Fit and Forget
All Lifebuoy Lights offer a five year life. No maintenance or replacement batteries are required. This saves time and expense during inspections.

Compact size
These Lifebuoy Lights are amongst the smallest and lightest lights available on the market today.
76 Metres Drop Height
MED/SOLAS and USCG standards call for the Lifebuoy lights to be dropped from 30 metres. All these Lifebuoy lights have passed a drop height test from 76 metres high. This makes these new lifebuoy lights suitable for use on any platform or vessel with high bridge wings.
Mounting made easy
All Lifebuoy Lights are supplied with a unique mounting bracket, enabling easy fitting in all locations.
LED Technology
All Lifebuoy Lights are using the latest advances in LED technology. They feature very low current consumption and enhanced reliability. All our Lifebuoy Lights feature a flashing light.

An Adapter Plate is available to make the transition from the older L40, L41B, L90 and L120 to these new Lights much easier. The Adapter Plate mounts on to the existing mounting holes and allows the new Lifebuoy Light to be easily affixed to the Adapter Plate.



Daniamant designs and manufactures all of their products in line with the relevant worldwide approvals, technical specifications, current legislation and International directives. Daniamant is manufacturing in Denmark and the United Kingdom. The company is merger of several other companies who all relate to the marine Survivor Location Light business dating back to 1937. Daniamant hold all necessary approvals for the Company and products, including ISO 9001, MED, SOLAS, ATEX, IECEx and a number of International approvals.Daniamant products cover 12 key areas: • Lifejacket Lights • Liferaft Lights • Lifebuoy Lights • Intrinsically Safe Lights • Special Lights • LED Flares • Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) • Salinometers • Oil Level Alarm • Electronic Inclinometer