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Guided fall arrestor


This is a fall arrester for a vertical flexible anchoring  line of 14 mm ø. It has a safety lock and a system to avoid incorrect placement of the rope. It allows the user to move vertically without having to change position manually. In case of a fall, it locks automatically.

Rope for guided fall arrestor 40mtr. (12111740)

Description and Features

Sliding fall arrester
Comprising a casing on which there is a cover with a hinge and a pin. It has a screw closing system and the corresponding catch lock. Is has a mechanism to guide the anchoring comprising a plastic rotating wheel and an
articulated element with a toothed cam. It incorporates a securing element made of synthetic twisted fibre rope of 14 mm diameter, with three strands and with eye-shaped ends, a transparent plastic cover and a red plastic rope thimble.

The length of the assembly comprising the securing element and the connector 35 cm.

Anchoring line
It consists of a twisted synthetic fibre rope, of 14 mm diameter, with three strands. The upper terminal is an eyeshaped end with a transparent plastic cover and red plastic rope thimble.

It is an ideal and indispensable device for working at heights, designed to secure a person to an anchoring point and avoid any kind of fall from a certain height or to safely arrest the fall.
An energy-absorbing device can optionally be fitted between the sliding fall protection and the anchoring line, or an energy-absorber can be fitted to the anchoring line or the securing element.
It is the most comfortable solution for a system antifallen: the sliding fall arrester follows the user without his intervention.