• GT20 5L
  • Closeup shot of a tank of sewerage system
  • GT20 4x5L 2

GT 20


Ideal for auto feeding into waste-pipes and scuppers where there is a build-up of FOG’s and also body/soap fats. Helps to keep waste pipes in free flowing when used as part of a regular maintenance programme.

Available in 4x5L box




GNC Marine designs, manufacture and supply specialized cleaning, maintenance and biosecurity products with proven performance to the marine and offshore industries.GNC Marine formulate their own cleaning and maintenance products and have exclusive arrangements with other high science partners that combined allows them to bring together the latest developments in bioscience and chemistry to better deal with future cleaning and waste treatment challenges that the industry faces.GNC Marine staff and partners each have more than 25yrs experience in either chemical, biological, biocidal products, cleaning equipment, service provision and global logistics. GNC Marine have a history of working in partnership with the industry’s key technology providers and OEM’s.Mariteam is an official GNC Marine Partner