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Fomtec P 3% AR


Marine P 3% AR is an alcohol resistant protein foam concentrate (P-ARC) consisting of hydrolysed protein hydrolysate and a blend of hydrocarbon surfactants and polymers, various solvents and stabilisers. All Fomtec P-ARC foam concentrates are formulated totally free of fluorinated substances (PFAS). The unique formulation of Marine P 3% AR enables the foam to rapidly cover the burning surfaces and control over the fire. As a result, it is effective against hydrocarbon fires and with the presence of special polymers it is also very effective against polar solvents.

The fire suppression mechanism of Fomtec P3% AR is utilising the foam blankets ability to block oxygen supply to the fuel and the high water content cools the fuel surface reducing the evaporation of flammable vapours. Additionally, the foam blanket prevents reignition of an extinguished fuel surface. When applied on polar solvents a strong polymeric membrane is formed and makes it possible for the foam blanket to extinguish effectively. It also works on severe foam destroying liquids, like MTBE.
The foam concentrate is pseudoplastic and may need special proportioning equipment.
Fomtec P3% AR should be used at a 3% proportioning ratio (3 parts concentrate and 97 parts of water) for both hydro-carbon and polar solvent fuels. May be used with all water types.
For use on Class A type fires, a proportioning ratio of 0,3% to 1% is recommended depending on application and discharge device.

  • Fluorine free alcohol resistant protein foam
  • Approved according to IMO 1312 and MED
  • Freeze protected
  • Suitable for Class A and B fires
  • Low and medium expansion foam

We supply this product in 25 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litre IBC containers. Larger bulk supply is available on special request.

International approvals

  • MO 1312
  • MED Wheelmark


More Information


Fomtec P 3% AR is tested according IMO 1312 for use on class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil and diesel as well as polar solvent fires such as IPA and acetone. Can also be used on class A fires such as wood, paper, textiles etc.
Typical applications include high risk installations such as:
– Marine application where IMO and MED is required

Fire performance & Foaming
The fire performance of this product has been tested and documented according to the “International Approvals” stated in this document. The use of the product should follow design guidelines appropriate to the type of system and application. The foaming properties are depending on equipment used and other variables such as water and ambient temperatures. Average expansion 5:1, average 25% drainage time 6:30 minutes using UNI 86 test nozzle according to EN 1568-3.

Fomtec P3% AR foam can be used together with foam compatible powders and other expanded foams.
It is suitable for all water types.
For mixing with other foam concentrates, contact Fomtec for advise and guidance. For material compatibility please refer to Fomtec Technical Advices FTA 20 addressing the topic.

Fomtec P 3% AR is non-hazardous, biodegradable substance formulated using raw materials specially selected for their fire performance and their environmental profile. All raw materials are registered in European REACH-database. The product
is totally free from fluorinated surfactants and polymers and other organohalogens, and therefore it does not contain any PFAS.
The disposal of spills of concentrate or premix foam solution should be made in accordance with local regulations. For more detailed information please consult our Fomtec Technical Advices FTA 40.

Storage/Shelf life
Stored in original unbroken packaging Fomtec P 3% AR will have
a long shelf life. Shelf life in excess of 5 years will be found in temperate climates. As with all foam concentrates, shelf life will be dependent on storage temperatures and conditions. For storage recommendations and material compatibility please refer to Fomtec Technical Advices FTA 10 addressing the topic.

All foam concentrates should be tested annually. Testing should be carried out by an approved laboratory certified to assess firefighting foam quality according to relevant standards, such as NFPA 11, EN 13565-2, EN 1568 and IMO MSC.1Circ. 1312. Storage containers should be inspected and reevaluated for the suitability of the storage location regarding temperature fluctuations (temperature should be as stable as possible). Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.



Dafo Fomtec AB is a privately owned company with head office in Stockholm, Sweden and manufacturing in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.Fomtec's philosophy is that any foam system must consist of components that have been tested and approved for its intended use as a part of a system proven to work in harmony.This is critically important when using fluorine free foams because the effectiveness of these foams is much more dependent on the quality (expansion ratio, drainage time and bubble structure) of the foam generated by the system, than fluorinated foams are.Fomtec is committed to meet and exceed the standards we set behind our company’s core values of: Performance • Trust • Sustainability