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Firehose 2½” x 20 meters MED


(65mm) 2½” x 20 metres

Supplied without couplings

100 % Polyester high tenacity yarn, circular woven,
warp threads 2-ply twisted, twill weave
max. change in length 3%
max. change in diameter 3%

Inner lining
Two-component system consisting of black SBRsynthetic
rubber and white NBR-synthetic
adhesive. Resistant to ozone and to external
contact with oil products.
The lining guarantees a smooth surface and low
friction loss.

Produced with very low twist
Good abrasion resistance and long service life external resistance to oil, fuel and chemical products low friction loss
Ageing and ozone resistant – weather resistant
Lightweight and flexible – kink resistant
Small coil diameter
Minimum maintenance
Cold resistance to -30o C
Heat resistance to +80oC

Applicable Standards
DIN 14 811
NEN 2242
BS 6391 type 1
prEN 1924 class 1
Approved for 96/98 EC – on Marine Equipment (MED wheelmark)


More Information

Designed to last in the tough marine environment.
BMC glass fiber polyester box, flame retardant.
Cabinet door can be opened both the right and left direction
Stainless steel lock and hinges.
Brass internal shore connection with 2″ thread
SafeSign sign with 5 year warrantee, even on outdoor use.