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Fast Rescue Boat and Davit Systems


Hatecke manufactures several types of fast rescue boats:

  • For example fast rescue boats, 6m long, with outboard engine or inboard diesel engine reaching speeds of more than 20 knots.

All fast rescue boats come with launching crane, davit system or special launching system complete with shock-absorption and wave compensation system

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Boat Options

Fast Rescue Boats and Davit Systems

boat typeenginecapacityDownload (PDF-File)
FRB 600 S50hp outboard6 personsData sheet
FRB 600 SF50hp outboard6 personsData sheet
FRB 600 IB130hp inboard6 personsData sheet
FRB 700 S130hp inboard6-12 personsData sheet

Fast Rescue Boats Davit Sytems

boat typedavit typeSWLDownload (PDF-File)
FRB 600 S/IBDFR 600 S II / MOR18,5 kNData sheet
FRB 700 SFRB 700 S25 kNData sheet davit vers. I
FRB 700 SDFR 700 PALData sheet davit vers. II

Fast Rescue Boats and Davit Systems

boat typeenginecapacityDownload (PDF-File)
RB 40015hp outboard6 personsData sheet
RB 43015hp outboard6 personsData sheet
RB 43050hp outboard6 personsData sheet
RB 60030-70hp inboard6 personsData sheet
RB 600 IB40hp inboard6 personsData sheet

Rigid inflatable Rescue Boats

boat typeenginecapacityDownload (PDF-File)
FRB 38515-30hp outboard6 personsData sheet
FRB 45015-30hp outboard6 personsData sheet
FRB 50030-70hp outboard6 personsData sheet


crane typeSWLDownload (PDF-File)
RhsL 14/3,514 kNData sheet
RhsL 21/3,621 kNData sheet
Fhs. R.L.S. 40/1,3-6,042 kNData sheet


  • Crane Type Names:
  • Rms: Rescue Boat Crane manual Slewing
  • RhsL: Rescue Boat and liferaft Crane hydraulic Slewing
  • RmsL: Rescue Boat and liferaft Crane manual Slewing
  • Lms: Liferaft Crane manual Slewing
  • R…… S: Rescue Boat Crane with additional stores Winch
  • L…… S: Liferaft Crane with additional stores Winch
  • F…… : foldable Jib
    …followed by the SWL (kN) and the outreach (m)
  • Standard Crane types with
  • SWL max 14 KN and outreach 3,5 m
  • and SWL max 21 KN and outreach 4,5 m
  • Examples:
  • type RmsL 14/3,5: Crane suitable for Rescue Boat and liferaft with manual slewing, SWL 14 kN at 3,5 m
  • type RhsL.S 21/4,5-10/5,5: Crane suitable for Rescue Boat and Liferaft with hydraulic Slewing, SWL 21 kN at 4,5 m and extra stores Winch operation SWL 10 kN at 5,5 m



Hatecke GmbH is covering the whole process from sales, design and construction, prototype development and finally production of boats and davit Systems which are distributed directly to yards and shipowners all over the world which trust in our innovative and high-quality products „made in Germany“.From 1986 until today Peter Hatecke runs Hatecke GmbH in fourth generation. Under his leadership especially the freefall lifeboat became an export hit. Between 2011 and 2016 his sons Hinnerk Hatecke, Dr. Hannes Hatecke and Markus Hatecke joined Hatecke Group and are supporting today`s growth in the cruise market.