• 25x60ml Hand Rub
  • Trifu Hand Rub



Trifu HAND RUB 60ml is practical carry with around foam hand pump.

It makes a pleasant hand disinfection foam containing an approved biocide as an active ingredient that effectively fights pathogenic bacteria and fungi as well as coat-bearing viruses.

Trifu HAND RUB has an emollient effect, is gentle on the hands and contains neither Perfume or Alcohol. The product does not evaporate from the hands and thus protects against bacteria and viruses for a long time. By using Trifu HAND RUB you break the chain of infection and prevent cross-contamination.

Passes all relevant EN biocide tests enabling bactericidal, yeasticidal and limited virucidal claims.

  • 99.999% reduction of pathogenic bacteria
    (incl. E. coli and MRSA)
  • 99.99% reduction of pathogenic yeasts
    (incl. Candida)
  • 99.99% reduction of ALL enveloped viruses
    (incl. coronavirus, flu)

The product has NO transport restrictions

MSDS and TDS available on request.





TRIFU can help your workplace with the right disinfection solutions. Their products are extremely effective and have a long-lasting effect that creates the necessary security for the user.