Announcement from Mullion

We are proud to announce that we have upgraded our existing Immersion suit from MAS II to MAS III. The new MAS III has implemented two changes to improve the security of those relying on Mullion when it’s needed the most.

Therefore, the MAS III will be fitted with 5 finger neoprene gloves which are attached to the suit with an elastic. Conical extra-long neoprene cuffs are offering a tight fit at the wrist. The advantage of this adjustment is that the crew will have more liberty during rescue actions. One can choose to keep the hands free for manipulating more easily for example a PLB, MOB, VHF, flares, …. Once you feel the need for it, you can put on the neoprene gloves for extra warmth. Secondly, we have improved the fitting of the strap around the legs.

We strive as a Mullion team to constantly improve the security of our customers at sea. Here is a link to the new MAS III.

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