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In this month’s newsletter, we discuss the crucial role of pilot ladders in ensuring safe navigation of ships and the importance of their proper rigging. The article “Guidance to Ships for the Safe Rigging of Pilot Ladders” highlights potential dangers and provides useful tips for safe and compliant rigging, including checking ladder conditions, obtaining rigging guidelines, and using manropes for better handgrip. We hope to raise awareness and prevent accidents during pilot transfer. Read more about our partner PTR Holland, a worldwide recognized pilot ladder manufacturer.

MariTeam’s partner PTR Holland specializes in producing high-quality and safe pilot ladders that comply with international regulations. In this issue, we delve deeper into PTR Holland’s expertise in the field and explore their product range.

We also want to remind our readers of the potential dangers involved in pilot transfer and the importance of following proper guidelines for rigging pilot ladders. By prioritizing safety, we can prevent accidents and ensure the smooth transfer of pilots to and from ships.

Stay safe and informed with MariTeam’s June newsletter.


Mikkel Engsbro

CEO, MariTeam

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