Dear valued reader,

Welcome to the July edition of our MariTeam newsletter! We are excited to introduce Tesimax, a leading company in the field of Chemical and Gas protective clothing and environmental protection, known for their innovation and technological advancements.

Tesimax values their employees and encourages a culture of involvement and continuous improvement. This commitment sets them apart as a sought-after partner in the industry.

This month, we are showcasing the GS 3(M) Series, a gas-tight protective suit specifically designed for marine applications. With its one-piece, gas-tight design and secure full-face mask, the GS 3(M) Series offers exceptional protection and versatility for professionals working at sea, ensuring their safety and comfort in challenging maritime environments.

Sustainability is a top priority for Tesimax. They actively participate in a controlled disposal program and implement material reconditioning processes to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

Join us in embracing the future of quality and innovation with Tesimax, a driving force in technology leadership. For more information, please visit their homepage or follow them on LinkedIn.

Thank you for being a valued reader, and we hope you find this edition of our MariTeam newsletter both informative and inspiring.


Mikkel Engsbro

CEO, MariTeam


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