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Welcome to the August edition of MariTeam’s newsletter! We are excited to share with you the latest updates and developments in the maritime industry. This month, we are particularly proud to highlight our partnership with a company that shares our commitment to improving the environment.

One aspect that sets Fomtec apart is their unwavering dedication to sustainability. They firmly believe in the importance of tested and approved components within a harmonious foam system, particularly for fluorine-free foams. These foams play a crucial role in firefighting, and Fomtec understands that their quality directly impacts their effectiveness.

Fomtec’s dedication to developing PFAS-free foams has been instrumental in driving this transition. By investing in research and development, Fomtec has contributed to a safer and more sustainable future. Through their efforts, we can collectively ensure the well-being of both humans and ecosystems.

We encourage you to explore Fomtec’s products and expertise, as they continue to lead the way in sustainable fire protection solutions. Together with Fomtec, MariTeam is committed to making a positive impact on the maritime industry while safeguarding our environment.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news and insights with you in the coming months.


Mikkel Engsbro

CEO, MariTeam

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