Fluorine-free firefighting foam

🌊 Introducing Fomtec Enviro USP – a Revolutionary Environmentally Friendly Firefighting Foam for the Maritime Industry 🚒πŸ”₯

Join us in embracing a greener future for fire safety at sea! 🌊πŸ”₯🌍

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Dafo Fomtec AB Enviro USP, a fluorine-free firefighting foam that is specially designed for maritime applications. This cutting-edge foam is completely free from fluorinated surfactants and polymers (PFAS), making it an environmentally responsible choice for fire suppression.

Key Features of Fomtec Enviro USP:

🌱 Fluorine-Free: Say goodbye to harmful PFAS chemicals! Fomtec Enviro USP offers a new generation of firefighting foam that is completely fluorine-free.

πŸ”₯ Superior Fire Performance: With an impressive fire performance rating of 1A according to EN 1568 Part 3-4, ICAO Level B Approved, and MED approved for marine use, Fomtec Enviro USP delivers exceptional firefighting capabilities.

🌍 Environmentally Conscious: We understand the importance of protecting our planet. That’s why Fomtec Enviro USP is 100% biodegradable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

🚒 Designed for the Maritime Industry: Enviro USP is the perfect solution for sprinkler systems, type II and III discharge devices commonly used in the maritime sector. It has been extensively tested and approved for marine applications.

πŸ”¬ Technical Excellence: Fomtec Enviro USP offers low, medium, and high expansion options, providing versatility for different fire scenarios. Its clear yellowish liquid appearance, along with a pH range of 6.5 to 8.5, ensures reliable performance.

Applications and Compatibility:

πŸ”₯ Class A & B Fires: Fomtec Enviro USP is highly effective in combating class A fires, such as wood, paper, and textiles, as well as class B hydrocarbon fuel fires, including oil, diesel, and aviation fuels.

🌊 Marine Use: Approved for use in sprinkler systems as per UL listing, Fomtec Enviro USP is an ideal choice for marine firefighting applications. Its compatibility with sea water allows for a 6% mixture, offering enhanced versatility.

πŸ’Ό Sprinkler Systems: Fomtec Enviro USP meets the demanding requirements of sprinkler applications, delivering exceptional fire suppression and burnback resistance. It can handle direct application and partial submersion without compromising performance.

πŸ’§ Easy Proportioning: Fomtec Enviro USP can be easily proportioned using conventional equipment, ensuring accurate dilution and optimal performance.

At MariTeam, we are proud to partner with Fomtec and bring this game-changing foam to the maritime industry. Together, we can protect lives, vessels, and the environment with an innovative, sustainable solution.

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