Effortless Fire Hose Coupling with OSW smartFit Clamp Shells

Effortless Fire Hose Coupling with OSW smartFit Clamp Shells

It not often we are able to introduce a product which is able to make a complicated task really easy and improve safety. Introducing the OSW smartFit clamp shells – the ultimate solution for hassle-free hose coupling integration. With just three simple steps, you can securely and efficiently join your hoses and couplings without the need for any additional tools or equipment, except for an Allen key.

The OSW smartFit binding system is designed to meet your varying needs and is available in three sizes to fit your specific requirements: C/42, C/52, and B/75. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, the OSW smartFit is the perfect solution for your fire hoses. The OSW smartFit binding system can be reused when hoses are worn-out, clamp shells can be reused again and again.

The OSW smartFit clamp shells have been engineered to provide a strong, durable, and leak-proof connection that ensures maximum efficiency and longevity. The robust construction and secure fit of the clamp shells provide added peace of mind for those who demand the highest level of performance from their hose coupling system.

We understand the importance of safety on board ships, which is why the OSW smartFit has been designed with safety in mind. The clamp shells provide a safe, secure and reliable method of joining hoses that eliminates the need for complex binding systems.

No more complicated equipment, no more wasted time, no more frustration. The OSW smartFit clamp shells are the ultimate hose coupling solution, offering ease of use, durability and reliability. Upgrade to the OSW smartFit today and experience the difference for yourself! With the OSW smartFit, you’ll be able to complete your hose coupling integration with confidence and ease.

The “smart” binding system scores with many advantages:

  • Perfect sliding function due to the conical shape
  • Binding and unbinding also possible on site
  • Significant time savings when laying the hose in use
  • made of high-strength, glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • High material strength
  • Much higher strength of the cover than required by DIN14811

You find OSW smartFit binding system here

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