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Specialty Water Testing

Drew Marines innovative treatment, testing, and support programs prevent many freshwater, potable water, feedwater, and wastewater generation problems from occurring. Following are some of Drew Marines specialty onboard test kits. Drew Marine can recommend the appropriate test kits for all our water treatment programs.

Cooling Water Test Kit
The CWT TITRETS test provides a safe and easy method for determining cooling water treatment levels

Potable Water Test Kit
The POTABLE WATER TEST KIT-C enables shipboard personnel to test the drinking water as part of their inspection procedures and to demonstrate they are monitoring water quality. When used regularly, it demonstrates that your vessel is in compliance with ILO Maritime Labor Convention, 2006.

Conductivity Meter Kit Complete
The Conductivity Meter Kit Complete is sturdy, affordable and ideal for field use. Drew Marine’s Conductivity Meter Kit Complete can be used on boiler water samples along with other types of water; it is suited for confirming the calibration of online monitoring units.

LMP Chloride Test Kit
The Chloride LMP Test Kit contains everything needed to measure chloride in boiler water for low-pressure and medium-pressure boiler systems as well as makeup water.

Drew Microbiological Dual Assay Slides
DREW Microbiological Dual Assay Slides are designed to provide a quick, semi-quantitative measurement of bacterial and fungal levels in a water sample.

DREWCHECK CLN Meter Kit Complete
The DREWCHECK CLN Meter Kit contains all of the components necessary to conduct free and total chlorine measurements in turbid or colored water samples. The kit is designed for shipboard use to accurately measure for low levels of chlorine.

Total Hardness Titrets
Total Hardness Titrets Test provides a safe and easy method for determining hardness in the form of calcium and magnesium ions. The Total Hardness Titrets test method is applicable to treated cooling water and makeup water.

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More Information

Drew Marine’s superior specialty test kits for monitoring water quality keep your equipment running efficiently, enable the production of high-quality feedwater and potable water, and lengthen the life of your equipment.



Drew Marine has for decades been leading the maritime industry in innovative technology, responsive delivery and cost-effective solutions to unique problems for almost a century.MariTeam is stockholder for Drew Marine and we are able to support with the full range of chemicals, test kits and technical products such as dosing, welding and packing products.MariTeam is able to supply in all of Denmark, contact sales@mariteam.dk for a bespoke quote and technical advice.
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