Complete gas and chemical protection suit 

One-piece (gas-tight) TESIMAX GS 3/GS 3M SILVERFLASH chemical protective suit/firefighter protective suit, with moulded rubber seal in the hood for safe (gas-tight) closure under full-face breathing masks; non-covered, gastight zip (standard 130 cm, diagonal at back option available); permanently fitted protective gloves, boots and pressure relief valves; dual cover/protection (incl. HPF membrane).

GS 3 SERIES  Protection suit with detachable mask: The open field of vision is sealed with a special high-performance fluorelastomer seal in combination with a (firefighting) approved respiratory mask (flexible). The GS 3 series can be used with most and breathing apparatus and full-face masks (see also usage and care instructions) – mask externally secured.

Ordering data, GS 3 SILVERFLASH: (standard is size XL)
Sizes 160 to 175 cm Order no.: 0222-222M
Sizes 170 to 185 cm Order no.: 0222-222L
Sizes 180 to 190 cm Order no.: 0222-222XL
Sizes 190 to 200 cm Order no.: 0222-222XXL

GS 3M SILVERFLASH (standard is size XL)
Sizes 160 to 175 cm Order no.: 0223-222M
Sizes 170 to 185 cm Order no.: 0223-222L
Sizes 180 to 190 cm Order no.: 0223-222XL
Sizes 190 to 200 cm Order no.: 0223-222XXL

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TESIMAX GS 3/GS 3M SILVERFLASH | complete gas and chemical protection suit 

  • Fabric description:
    TESIMAX GS 3/GS 3M SILVERFLASH has a 100% para-aramid base fabric coated with high-performance elastomers. The fabric consists of a five-layered laminate that is dual-aluminised on the outside. Two incorporated high-performance plastic foils acts as a CBRN protective barrier.

    • The fabric’s outside is permanently electrically conductive (EN 1149)
    • Extremely light-weight and flexible
    • Reusable, washable, very good mechanical properties (wear-, tear- and puncture-resistant)
    • Function: SUPERSOFT (superior wearing comfort), NOISE-CANCELLING (absolutely silent)
    • Outstanding chemicals resistance, for example against acids, alkalis and solvents. Low gas permeability (also against war gasses)
    • Good ageing, weathering and ozone resistance
    • Extremely high thermal resilience:
      For short periods up to 850 °C (combustion), up to -196 °C (liquid nitrogen)
    • Blocks radiant heat and efficiently reflects solar radiations to improve the climate inside the suit in action.
    • Excellent mechanical strength
    • Seam technology: high-quality thermo-taped PTFE (CBRN) seam cover (ULTRA seam, reflective)
    • Colour: silver reflective (outside)


    • HPF elastomer super soft face seal
    • TESIMAX safety valves with HPF elastomer diaphragm (with additional dual covering of suit fabric/HPF elastomer angle prechamber)
    • Integrated (patented) braces
    • HPF ULTRA elastomer zip (gas- and liquid-tight)
    • Protective gloves standard: WIPAN CK in size 10 (for other sizes please enquire). Alternatives: WIPAN B+ (0.3, 0.5, 1.5), WIPAN C or WIPAN CK+
    • Standard WT protective gloves: Steel glove change system. Alternative: Quick-lock glove system
    • Optional: Heat overgloves/overshoes, reflective (please enquire)
    • Safety boots: HPF ULTRA CHEM according to EN 15090, EN ISO 20345 and EN 13832-3)
    • Boot sizes from 43 to 47 (please specify when ordering)
    • Alternative: Footlets made of suit fabric
    • Approvals: EN 943-1 (type b) in conjunction with EN 14325, hazardous zone 0 (EN 1149); EN 14126 (B = protection against biological agents); EN 1073; EN ISO 11612; EN ISO 13688; CBRN Finabel 0.7 gas-tested (gases – complete protective suit with components), SOLAS
    • Weight: approx. 4.5 kg without extras (with footlets)
    • Service life: up to 15 years according to manufacturer’s guideline
    • Applications: Pharmaceuticals, clinics, military and civil defence, industry, shipping and fire brigades (unlimited)



Chemical Protective Clothing - Types. We offer various solutions in a (unique) modular system for the respective NBC operations that require special (chemical) protective clothing:
  • Work and rescue measures in the immediate danger area with a very high risk potential (type 1, e.g. VS5 and VS 20 series)
  • Measurement and monitoring tasks at the border to the danger area with manageable risk potential (type 2 and 3, e.g. ESK series S3-S5 PE)
  • Tasks with low risk potential, for example decontamination (type 3-6, e.g. ESK series ESK 1 PE, ESK 1 T plus, ESK 1 T)
Chemical Protective Clothing - Applications. We produce chemical protection suits for fire brigades, chemical protection suits with integrated full face masks for industry and the military, suits with forced ventilation, exercise suits, contamination protection suits for fire brigades and nuclear facilities, light chemical protection clothing for industry and civil authorities (THW, police, fire and disaster control).Chemical Protective Clothing - Standards. The protective suits are described and approved in the European standard (DIN EN 943-1-2) with its "Performance requirements for gas-tight (type 1) chemical protective suits for emergency teams (ET)". DIN EN 943-2 - as well as the national BG rule 189 "Use of protective clothing", to which CSA often refers - distinguishes between:
  • Type 1a (breathing air supply carried inside)
  • Type 1b (external breathing air supply)
  • Type 1c (only approved for industry, with permanent forced ventilation)
Furthermore, the protective suits are divided in terms of frequency of use:
  • reusable
  • Protective suits Protective suits for limited use.
However, the "universal weapon" of the fire brigade is the reusable (or also "heavy"), gas-tight chemical protection suit CSA type 1a (e.g. VS5 and VS 20 series) with an internal breathing air supply (e.g. forced ventilation systems of the "F-AU 1" series). It protects the emergency services against the most dangerous substances. In addition to the greatest possible chemical and mechanical resistance, these models also withstand jets of flame and cryogenic substances.Choose your chemical protection suit from the different type classes.