• SlipStopStrips



These anti-slip FRP strips are ready-to-use and suitable for all surfaces. They are durable and made of pultruded glass fiber reinforced polyester with an anti-slip layer of different grain structures. The standard length measurement is 800 mm. We can also customize the dimensions of the anti-slip strips.

– Very durable anti-slip surface
– Easy to install with screws (pre-drilled) or kit
– Resistant to algae, moss growth, water and rotting
– Choice of different widths and lengths
– Highly bright yellow strips

SlipStop Diamond Strips are available in several sizes:
– 800 mm x 50 mm
– 800 mm x 50 mm (Pre-Drilled)
– 800 mm x 90 mm
– 800 mm x 90 mm (Pre-Drilled)


More Information

Features and Properes

  • Good fire resistance (ASTM E-84 Class 1).
  • Good electrical insulaon and non-magnec (such as steel grids).
  • Resistant to algae, moss growth, water, rot and UV radiaon.
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemical degradaon.
  • Light in weight and high strength and loadability (1/4 weight of steel grids and 1/3 weight of aluminum grids).
  • Excellent an-aging properes,
  • self-cleaning, color and strength are maintained.
  • SlipStop products are recyclable.
  • Quick installaon and immediate use, virtually no maintenance.