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The Climax energy absorber model 31-A is an indispensable part of a safe fall-protection system.
In the event of a fall, this part progressively absorbs its kinetic energy, preventing the impact of the fall from ever exceeding 6kN.
The energy absorber has been designed to be linked to a fall-protection harness with a suitable connector without the need to use fastening parts as the absorber itself has a built-in fastener.

The Climax energy absorber model 31-A is made with very hard-wearing materials, capable of withstanding the most demanding work situations, ensuring the best possible protection at all times.
This energy absorber is made up of an absorption strap and a fixing and fastening strap.
The absorption strap is a white strap made up of two pieces of interwoven fabric, which are folded and are contained in a transparent plastic cover.
In the event of a fall, the seams linking the two pieces of material progressively tear, thus absorbing the fall’s energy.
The fixing and fastening strap is an orange polyester strip with sewn loops at the ends. The loops are protected by a plastic transparent cover.
Its overall length is 1.85 m., which allows considerable freedom of movement.

– Webbing lanyard material: 45 mm polyester.
– Webbing lanyard length: 1,5 m.
– Length: 1,85 cm