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Shipdoor A-60 “LMD-SL-S”


A-60 single-leaf sliding fire-door, type “A60 LMD-SL-S”,
GL-EC-Certificate 50665-03 Lux, ABS, RRS, TC, USCG.

Door complete with lock and handle, provided for cylinder, frame, railtrack, counterweight and airbrake.
Doorleaf both sides with 1,5 mm galvanised steel sheet.
Frame around the door.
Frame for welding and bolting.
Doorleaf and frame primed.

Maximum size: 2310 x 2242mm
Weight: 50 kg/m² / doorleaf


doorleaf pvc-coated steel sheet
doorleaf and frame stainless steel sheet
clamping frame
doorleaf with recessed handles
doorleaf with electromagnet
equipment with electric opening and closing system
equipment with pneumatic opening and closing system


More Information

Podszuck® was established in Stettin in 1919 and moved to Kiel in 1945. The product range includes fire personal doors, industrial doors and frames for the marine and building industry. Since 1975 Podszuck® has made fire door protection its speciality and is today one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Podszuck® is strenghtening and expanding its reputation as a competent partner for the marine industry. The product range fulfills the high demand for fire doors from the outfitters, shipowners and yards worldwide.

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