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Rescue Stretcher Kit (MORS)


The Crewsaver Rescue Stretcher Kit is an ergonomic, safe and effective stretcher designed to assist in the retrieval of conscious and unconscious casualties from the water. Retrieval can be made horizontally without risking further injury to the casualty, or to the rescuer.

The Rescue Stretcher can be used in conjunction with a rescue swimmer, ensuring the casualty is easily transferred into it even when rescuing direct from the water. The stretcher is then quickly hoisted clear of the water and transferred back into the craft with a block and tackle or davit arrangement. Constructed from high density plastic rungs and steel rods, it is fitted with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel snap hooks. We have added lifting strops and heaving lines to aid a swift and practical retrieval.

Available in two sizes, 9×8 and 11×10, there is a three year servicing requirement for each Crewsaver PRD which is readily available through the Crewsaver International network.


Options Availeble

Fast Rescue Craft 3×14

Fast Rescue Craft 4×15