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PLTR230 linethrowing device SOLAS with 4 projectiles


Restech linethrowing device SOLAS PLTR230 with 4 projectiles

Complies with IMO/SOLAS 74/83, Line Throwing Appliances.

1 Art No 1005 PLT Launching Unit
1 Art No 1303 Launching Tube Rescue 230
4 Art No 2101 Projectile Rescue 230
1 USB stick and User Manual

Typical shooting range with a dry and clean line of 3,2mm (Art No 2103): 230m
Breaking strength of the line: 2000N (204kg).

The PLT R 230 is the only Solas approved non dangerous Line Throwing Apparatus with no expirydate!

The set will be supplied with a filled air cylinder – UN1002 – Class 2.2
On request the set can be supplied EMPTY!