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Pedisystems® Entrance Flooring


Whether it’s for you or for your clients an effective entrance mat can improve indoor air quality and minimise maintenance costs over the life of a building.

Selecting an entrance mat to fit the form and function of your building is easy with CS Pedisystems. From the most luxurious entrance to the more modest, there is a CS entrance mat for every project and budget.

Our range of entrance matting systems are designed to remove dirt and moisture at the entrance, helping you; reduce slip incidents on internal floors, extend the life of interior floor finishes and minimise internal cleaning costs.

Consider a Zonal Approach to Entrance Flooring

Our product range puts the emphasis on an Entrance Flooring System, a zonal solution approach designed to protect interior floor coverings throughout the building, by efficiently removing dirt and moisture from feet and wheeled traffic.


More Information

Founded in the United States, CS has been a global manufacturer and supplier of a range of specialist building products for over 70 years. Operating through 25 offices worldwide, with key manufacturing locations or sales offices in most European countries, we employ over 2,000 people.

With 40+ registered product patents, our product ranges include wall protection systems, entrance matting systems, specialist coatings for walls and floors, expansion joint covers, solar shading, louvres, cubicle curtain track and pressure relief systems. These have been successfully installed in many of the world’s most prestigious buildings, across a spectrum of business sectors including healthcare, transport, retail, education, leisure and commercial offices.