• safety-security-window-film-clear-glass-protection-anti-shatter

Window film anti shatter 200 micron


This film can be applied to any flat glass surface to increase the structural integrity and security of the glass.

The security film creates a ‘safety net’ which holds shards of glass in place upon impact. This makes it safer for occupants and reduces the risk of vandalism and burglaries.

This film is an inexpensive way to upgrade any window and is used worldwide in banks and offices.

The film is easy to install, and can be cut to any shape or size.

It is completely clear, so does not obstruct vision from inside or out.

Safety Window Film is ideal for external facing windows.

  • Non Fade, Easy DIY install
  • Self Adhesive Film
  • Allows natural light through the film
Availeble as:
Window film anti shatter 200 micron 152×1500 cm
Window film anti shatter 200 micron 152×3000 cm