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LIQUIDEWT cooling water treatment is a nitrite-based, liquid, multi-functional corrosion inhibitor for protecting recirculating cooling and heating water systems.

LIQUIDEWT treatment is an excellent treatment for diesel engine primary and secondary cooling water. It is also ideally suited for use in chilled water systems because it forms a clear, non-staining solution, which protects the system from corrosion and hard water scale.

LIQUIDEWT cooling water treatment is available in 25-liter containers (PCN 0097403).


  • Effective corrosion inhibitor
  • Contains a scale modifier
  • Liquid
  • Buffered


  • Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Minimizes metal oxide deposits
  • Maintains heat transfer effectiveness
  • Helps prevent overheating caused by sludge and mineral scale deposits
  • Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Easy to dose
  • Cost effective
  • Stabilizes cooling water pH
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