• Alco Safe Drug Testing Equipment Feb 2012

Lion Alcohol Analyzer SD-400


The lion alcolmeter® SD-400 is a hand-held, breath alcohol analyser for use in traffic law enforcement, medical and industrial safety applications. The instrument is easy-to-use, and allows a complete breath test to be completed in about one minute.

The standard instrument version has a 500-test memory. This records the date, time and result of each test, from where it can be downloaded to a PC using software available from Lion.

The lion alcolmeter® SD-400 uses an electrochemical fuel cell sensor to measure the concentration of alcohol vapour in the subject’s expired breath; a measured amount of which is drawn from the mouthpiece into the fuel cell by means of the sampling system.

In the fuel cell a voltage is generated in proportion to the breath alcohol concentration: it is therefore amplified and displayed in terms of the subject’s alcohol level.