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IMO Approved Tank Cleaners for Cargo Tanks


Cargo and fuel tank cleaning solutions from both Drew Marine and Chemo Marine, a Drew Marine Business, minimize risk and help maximize revenue, especially on vessels that frequently turn over different cargoes. Our special-purpose products and expertise contribute to educated decisions that promote fast, effective tank cleaning and successful surveys while also optimizing sustainability practices.

    Removal of scale and white salt residue remaining after washing animal/vegetable oils and fats.
    Buffered cleaner for cleaning cargo residues from zinc silicate-coated tanks.
    Removal of animal, vegetable, and mineral oils when alkaline cleaning is not suitable.
  • EDGE
    Removal of animal and vegetable oils, fats, white mineral oils, and inert gas stains. Suitable for hydrocarbon-free cleaning & compatible with zinc silicate-coated tanks at use concentration.
    Removal of coal tar, crude, benzene, bitumen, and similar substances.
    Removal of white mineral oils, baked-on drying oils, carbonized deposits, paraffin waxes, and heavy grease.
    Removal of mineral, animal, and vegetable oils.
  • LAC
    Removal of edible fats/oils as well as mineral oils.

With over 38 years of experience as chemical experts in the marine industry, Chemo Marine Chemicals, a Drew Marine Business, offers high-quality cargo hold cleaning solutions combined with the global network of the Drew Marine worldwide support team. Learn more about Hold Cleaning solutions from Chemo Marine here.


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Drew Marine offers cost-effective programs for sustainable sanitation system maintenance, complete with biobased products that, when used routinely, can help avoid unwanted back-ups and expensive repairs.



Drew Marine has for decades been leading the maritime industry in innovative technology, responsive delivery and cost-effective solutions to unique problems for almost a century.

MariTeam is stockholder for Drew Marine and we are able to support with the full range of chemicals, test kits and technical products such as dosing, welding and packing products.

MariTeam is able to supply in all of Denmark, contact sales@mariteam.dk for a bespoke quote and technical advice.

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