• Drew Marine AMEROID OWS quick separating degreaser.



HDE-777 heavy duty degreaser is a low-foaming solvent emulsifier cleaner used for cleaning marine equipment that is seriously contaminated with fuel or lubricating oils.

Oily deposits in steam boilers are a result of oil contamination of the feedwater. Most often, the source of the oil is some part of the condensate and return system. Fuel oil and cargo oils may contaminate the condensate via leaks in the oil heaters or tank heating coils. Lubricating oils may be picked up from steam-driven machinery.


  • Concentrated liquid
  • Effective dispersant
  • Solvent-emulsion
  • Low foaming
  • Non-corrosive
  • Contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons


  • Can be used dilute
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Prevents redeposition of soil
  • Penetrates and emulsifies oily deposits
  • Suited to recirculating cleaning methods
  • Can be used in most marine equipment
  • Does not require neutralization
  • Does not promote flash rusting
  • Will not generate acid components
  • Enhanced alternative to chlorinated cleaners


HDE-777 heavy duty emulsifier is available in 200-liter (PCN 0056425) containers.


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